Welcome Visitors from the U.S!

There are a few things you need to know about entering Canada from the U.S. We maintain one trail that connects Canada and the USA, the L901M trail from Crane Lake, Minn. as indicated on the Northwest Ontario Snowmobile Trail Map. If you plan to enter Canada using this trail, you will need to obtain a Remote Area Border Crossing Permit from Canada Customs and Immigration. There is a U.S. customs office at Crane Lake, MN (accessed by L901M). Upon entering the U.S.A. at Crane Lake you must show documentation that supports your citizenship. You do require a passport to re-enter into the U.S. via Canada.

If you choose to trailer your sled to the U.S/Canadian border, your entry point into Canada is International Falls in Fort Frances. There are video phones at International Falls as well, here you must show documentation of your citizenship, therefore have your pieces of identification ready.

Please visit: Canada Border Services Agency for more information.

If you require any further information about our club, permits, trails or the circle tour please contact us at any time. We would be happy to assist in your trip planning to our area.

Enjoy the ride and happy trails.

Welcome to Canada!

Canadian RABC
(Remote Area Border Crossing)

The CANPASS — Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC) permit (direct application form download), a joint initiative of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, allows the bearer to cross the border into Canada at certain remote areas without reporting to a port of entry, as long as imported goods are declared.

The permit is valid at the following locations:

  • From Pigeon River through to and including Lake Of The Woods
  • The Canadian shore of Lake Superior
  • Cockburn Island

Fees: $30.00 Canadian per Application

Snowmobilers must re-enter the United States through customs at Crane Lake or through the International Falls Border Crossing.