Classic Permit Information

What You Need to Know

    $171.20 if purchased on or before December 1st

    $201.20 if purchased after December 1st 

  • Sleds 1999 or older
  • Available ONLINE only from OFSC Website – Access by clicking BUY ONLINE link on this page

 The Classic Permit is a Go Snowmobiling initiative intended to increase trail riding among owners of classic sleds and participation among families whose older snowmobiles may have previously been inactive.

The Classic Permit provides the same trail access, advantages and features of a regular Full Season Permit. The purchaser may sign up for full OFSC member benefits while buying a Classic Permit.

For more information, contact your OFSC district office.

The OFSC reminds snowmobilers that Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permits are official and legal instruments of MTO. Recreational snowmobiles entering or travelling an OFSC Prescribed Trail are required by Ontario law to have and display a valid snowmobile trail permit (some exceptions may apply for certain user groups, see Ontario Regulation 185/01, Section 4). Fines for failure to comply range from a minimum of $200 to a maximum of $1,000.

Legal Requirements

Classic Permits are available only to be affixed to sleds that are 1999 model year or older (qualified sled), and only when the purchaser provides proof of sled ownership with a valid VIN number (in person or copy provided by fax  These permits are only available through online purchase.